Learning IoT with Python(R) and Raspberry Pi(R)



Learning IoT Big Picture



  • 300+ code listings illustrate Python programming concepts.
    Complete code listings in this textbook for all projects.
    Circuit diagrams and/or photos for circuit projects.
  • 250+ homework problems ranging from short Python scripts to web site configuration projects.
  • Labs on measuring voltage, current, and resistance using a multimeter.
  • Introduction to basic Linux commands.
  • Use the Sense HAT to read environmental data, such as temperature, pressure, and humidity.
  • Send a text message if the light level detected by an LDR circuit falls below a threshold.
  • Send an email if motion is detected using a PIR sensor circuit.
  • Use an ultrasonic sensor in a proximity alert circuit and make a phone call if an intruder gets too close.
  • Use a GPS HAT to get waypoints and store them in a file.
  • Use an analog to digital converter to read in data from sensors.
  • Control a servo using classes.
  • Take a picture with the Raspberry Pi Camera.
  • Install and configure an HTTP server with multiple virtual web sites.
  • Install and configure an FTP server.
  • Use SSH and VNC to remotely control the Raspberry Pi.
  • Create a virtual machine in the cloud.
  • Upload data to the cloud.
  • Learn how to write multi-threaded applications.
  • Play an audio file.
  • Control a robot using a multi-threaded application.


ISBN-13: 9780578549361
Publisher: Learning IoT LLC
Publication date: 09/01/2019
Pages: 760
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